What we do

Educators / Re-educators of graphic gestures at A.E.D. (European Association Dysgraphia):

  • Promote and support the expressive and communicative skills of writing, which cannot be replaced by alternative technologies, so it needs to be protected, educated or reeducated
  • Focus the attention of teachers on prevention through targeted and specific tools for early detection of basic deficiencies in learning
  • Sensitize and inform parents and teachers about the importance of promoting activities and adopt materials that from the earliest years of life can foster the correct grip, posture and gesture run
  • Provide targeted and individualized corrections in order to mitigate writing difficulties
  • Promote research and study
  • Cooperate with the relevant institutions

The exercise of the rehabilitator profession is mainly conducted through individual meetings where you make:

  • Observation of the subject
  • Graph-motor analysis with processing of data collected, and subsequent analysis and classification of the difficulties observed
  • Re-education plan, with implementation of recovery and improvement strategies taking into account individual and emotional characteristics for learning
  • Selection of targeted methods, strategies, activities, games and materials
  • Ongoing monitoring of the validity of the chosen plan and strategy
  • New adjustment, where needed, of ways and strategies that proved not to be effective
  • Regular updates provided to teachers on the activities and obtained results